Be Teary

I have shed a few days in the last seven days!

I went to a yoga class where I was the only student. I asked the teacher if it was okay if I went home. She responded, “I am here and let this be a gift to yourself!”. I cried because it was incredible to focus on my health with a personal class.

Today, I found out some great news about a very close friend: she’s moving! I can’t imagine not being happy for her and her family, but I am also teary because I will miss her in my daily life. There are so many things I will miss, but that is a post for another day.

Lastly, I am profoundly, pit of my stomach sad with tears in my eyes. My friend’s five year old daughter is in Kindergarten and two Mondays ago she was shown a video where a raven turned into a scary looking baby. She cried! Did the teacher turn off the video? NO! What is more important than a child’s tears?

This week, I am going to listen to my tears and connect to my inner child. I think children are more emotionally connected and I need to tap into that!

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