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Be Cutting Down a BIG tree!

We were in boy heaven this morning!


This tree had to be cut down :(.
We had a tree company show up with cranes, huge saws and a humongous tree cruncher.


The excitement started off with one of their workers putting on his harness getting attached to the crane and getting pulled to the very top of our tree

He then attached himself to our tree and attach the crane above him. Next he went to work.

They cut about 20 feet off the top of the tree and then pulled it up with the crane and took it down to the street so they could cut off all the branches. The trunk of the tree was still attached to the crane and it went flying through the air like Mary Poppins and was put on a trailer farther down the street. They did this FOUR different times.

A chain saw sitting on the trunk.

The huge trunk flying by my kitchen window.

Grinding up the stump.



Lastly, they cleaned up the street and left us a little bit of memorabilia leaning against one of the other trees.

Now you’re probably wondering why did we spend thousands to cut down the tree.

Back in September, we had a fairly large windstorm and we were watching the tree. We noticed that it was swaying quite a bit.

After we inspected the tree further and had four different arborists come to look at the tree, we realized that the tree had been cabled in two different places to try to keep the branches together. (This is the trunk that came flying past my kitchen window!)


Just note to self: if you ever buy a house take a close look at the trees because they can be expensive to remove!





Our new view.


Be a Tree Cutter

I love, love, love having a real Christmas tree in our house. I love opening the front door and the beautiful tree scent whaps you in the face. I love multi-coloured light, twisted branches and ornaments place wherever. (CC, our 3 year old, insisted on placing all his ornaments on two spots. No I won’t be moving them!)

Our tree got put up last night and I hope to keep it up for a long time in January.

We use the old multicoloured strings of lights that were on my tree growing up. Multicoloured, non-LED and beautifully imperfect. Some flash, some are burnt out, others are hard to see! Last Christmas, Sexy Neck went hunting for replacements, 3 big box stores and 2 family-owned stores later he found some!

This year was the very first time that all 3 of our boys were involved in some part of “putting up the tree”! I loved putting up the old ornaments from my childhood, ornaments Sexy Neck and i got pre-kids, having my mom sitting on the couch to talk to and seeing my boys put up the ornaments they had made/been given.

But I think the highlight for my boys was the fact that the tree was to tall and Sexy Neck had to pull out the saw. (We always try to get the tallest tree!)

Here is the action:




We even found a bird’s nest:


But if you want to see a really wild, neighbour-scaring, creative tree, checkout my cousin’s tree in Spain!