Be Uncomfortable (Dealing with D’s)

Nope, not talking about bra size!

We will all deal with grief from death, divorce, despair, and distance!

This grief is uncomfortable. It can metaphorically push your face into or feel like you are walking through mud every single day.

For me, my metaphor for grief is like being in a rowboat on the ocean. You never know what the weather will be or what waves will come upon you in your boat of grief every single moment. The weather can change at any moment and your boat can become swamped. The weather can be beautiful and you can rest in your boat and see the beauty all around you. And other times you can barely see the finger in front of you through the fog of grief.

Grief looks differently for everybody at different ages and stages. It is an incredibly personal and individual journey. We can hold space for and with each other, but no one can row the grief journey for you. I am sorry to say.

It’s uncomfortable.

It’s work.

It’s dealing with sh*t.

It’s looking your heart and soul straight in the eye.

It’s being present.

Moment by moment.

Feeling the feels.

Dealing with the deal of:

Death of a family, friend of fur baby.

Divorce from a short or long term partnership.

Despair from situations around us.

Distance from people or places you love.

Whatever your D may be.

As I write this, I hold space with my fellow grief journeyers. I want to encourage everyone to embrace the grief, feel it deeply and surround yourself with surroundings and support that help you!

This is what my very personal grief work looked like for me today..

Spending time on my own.

Surrounded by nature.

Pedalling my bike.

Finding support with people at my gym.

Nourishing my body with super food nutrition so that I don’t gain forty pounds like I did five years ago when my mom died.

Riding the waves of grief

Being uncomfortable.

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